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Start Thur Jan 17 – End Wed Mar 27, 2013 – $295 per person [CLOSED]
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Independent study – $295 per person

Provider approved by CFAAP/CAADAC, Provider #OS-12-162-1404 for 45 CEHs

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Abnormal Psych – Starts April 4, 2013 [CLOSED]
Abnormal  Psych – Independent Study (self-paced) [CURRENTLY ON HOLD]

We are each the product of biology, neurology, heredity, personality, environment, family influence, and the mysterious, unfolding experiences of life. Abnormal Psychology Online offers a window into contemporary issues of behavioral health and a holistic view of psychological and neuropsychological challenges across the lifespan.

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:
• Describe the diagnostic process of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
4th Edition (DSM-IV) for the psychological conditions under study
• Discuss the effects of commonly occurring behavioral health challenges (e.g. depression, anxiety, traumatic response) when co-existing with substance abuse
• Recognize when to make referral to a clinician, or seek consultation with a supervisor, with regard to client symptoms and behaviors
• Discuss the impact on individuals, families and society of untreated behavioral health disorders

For each lesson, participants will demonstrate understanding of internet-based reading by posting a weekly response paper to the online discussion boards. DSM-IV criteria for each disorder, and when to refer or seek supervision, are discussed in every lesson.

Weekly Topics:
Week 1: Intro, Defense Mechanisms, Medications, DSM-IV
Week 2: Mood Disorders
Week 3: Substance Abuse/Eating Disorders
Week 4: Trauma & Dissociation
Week 5: Domestic Violence & Dysfunctional Families
Week 6: Disorders of Childhood & Adolescence
Week 7: Disorders of Aging & the Elderly
Week 8: Axis II Disorders, Borderline/Narcissism
Week 9: Axis II  Disorders, Schizo-disorders and Schizophrenia
Week 10: Axis II Disorders, “The Worried”

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Taught by Kathleen Adams, LPC, Director, Therapeutic Writing Institute, and/or TWI faculty.

For full course description: AbPsychOnline FAQ
For course syllabus: AbPsychOnline Syllabus CAADAC