Carolyn Koehnline, LMHC, CJT

Carolyn is a psychotherapist, coach, author, artist, certified journal therapist and lifelong keeper of journals. She is the creator of Gentle Approach Coaching (formerly Confronting Clutter) which draws on her belief in little gestures, accessible tools, and simple practices to facilitate change. She incorporates writing processes into all she does. Carolyn has a special interest in helping people to clear physical, mental, emotional, and schedule clutter to navigate transitions and make room for what is emerging. She has written and illustrated three books: Confronting Your Clutter, The Bear’s Gift, and her most recent book, Clearing Clutter as a Sacred Act. She can be contacted through or


Clearing Clutter as a Sacred Act (will be available late fall 2018)

The Bear’s Gift (2001, 2011)

Confronting Clutter: Releasing the excess baggage from your home, head, heart, and schedule (2009)