Elaine Brooks, M.A., RN – BC, PTR* CAPF, M/S

Elaine is a board certified psychiatric/mental health nurse, integrative nurse coach, certified applied poetry facilitator, poetry therapy mentor supervisor and transition writing specialist. She was certified as a registered poetry therapist in 2002 and has incorporated poetry and journal therapy in her work with clinical and developmental populations. After a long career working with individuals in an intensive outpatient mental health program, she now enjoys utilizing journaling and poetry in her coaching practice with people in transition. Her main focus is health transitions, women in transition and people in retirement.  She is a member of the board of the International Federation for BiblioPoetry Therapy and currently serves as co-president. She lives in Northeastern CT and can be contacted at elaine@mypathtochange.com Transition Writing Specialist, The Center for Transition Coaching and Writing