Anjana Deshpande

As a Therapist, Anjana works with a wide variety of individuals, and finds several ways to use JTTS Techniques to help empower her clients. A certified JTTS instructor since 2001, Anjana has used writing with veterans, older adults and adolescents. She has published papers about her work with the veterans and the elderly, and has given several workshops based on JTTS. An intuitive clinician, and an excellent presenter, Anjana has consistently received high ratings on her workshops. She works with both clients as well as clinicians who wish to get acquainted with the transformative power of writing. Anjana works with trauma survivors, grief and loss issues, relationships and life transitions. In addition to being a Licensed Social Worker, Anjana is also a Certified Poetry Therapist and has recently founded the ‘Center for Therapeutic Writing’. At present she is working at The Horsham Clinic and is an active board member of The Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Social Workers and The National Ferderation for Poetry/Biblio Therapy.