Upcoming Fall Term:
September 22 – November 16, 2016

All classes are delivered online, and cost $345 (special event prices are noted). CJF/CJT/CAS trainees receive the discounted price of $295. Classes eligible for CEUs offer 16 hours of continuing education for counselors upon verification of satisfactory course completion and submission of course evaluation. See below for CE details.

MORE ON CEUs: The Center for Journal Therapy is an Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for programs that meet NBCC requirements. Programs for which NBCC-approved clock hours will be awarded are identified with an asterisk (*). These courses are taught by licensed or licensure-prepared mental health professionals. The ACEP is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. Participants are responsible for checking with their state’s licensing board for their discipline to ensure that National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) continuing education is accepted.

Classes: (* = CEUs are available)
* TW512 – The Pennebaker Method/Intro to Research – Deborah Ross
* PA502 – Basic Facilitation Skills – Nancy Scherlong
TW537.5 – Who is Taking Care of You? Creating an Empowered Self-Care Plan – Jane Pace
PD525 – Writing Through Transitions for Facilitators – Leia Francisco
TW534.2 – Visual Journaling: Beyond Words – Susan deWardt
* TW596 – Writing as Mindfulness Practice – Deborah Ross
* TW514 – Expressive Writing: Foundations of Practice – Linda Barnes
* TW594 – Embracing Your Signature Strengths – Nancy Scherlong/Edwina Cowdery

Special Events:
SEF16Cooper: Writing & Living Whole-heartedly – Linda Cooper
SEF16Evans: Writing Your Future: Should You Write a Book to Build Your Business?

TW512 – Pennebaker Method/Intro to Research
Instructor – Deborah Ross
Dr. James W. Pennebaker is the preeminent researcher in the field of therapeutic writing. This class incorporates guided writes based on the Pennebaker emotional release model and also offers an introduction to the basic concepts of social science research, including how to find and describe studies to include in your presentations.
CEUs are available
Required Text: Writing to Heal by James W. Pennebaker, available in our BOOKSTORE.

PA502 – Basic Facilitation Skills
Instructor – Nancy Scherlong
This course teaches basic facilitation skills, but it’s more than just skill-building. It also delves into the philosophy of facilitation, including the orientation of service, when and how a facilitator utilizes her/his own self in process work, the role of supervision and the use of the journal in self- or peer-supervision, and numerous tips of the trade. Guest appearances by Kay Adams, offering on-line facilitation skills. Limited to CJF trainees, unless prior permission of instructor is granted.
CEUs available
Required Texts: Becoming Naturally Therapeutic by Jacquelyn Small and The Gift of Therapy by Irvin Yalom, available at Amazon.com

TW537.5 – Who is Taking Care of You? Creating an Empowered Self-Care Plan
Instructor – Jane Pace
This course is designed to help you reclaim your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Release the shame and guilt about what you are NOT doing and embrace the possibilities of what or whom you can add to your life. In these 8 weeks, you will start with an assessment, determine where you want to focus, discover your challenges and obstacles and develop supportive strategies for moving forward on a new path that meets your unique circumstances. Structured Writing exercises, guided meditations and visualizations, easy strategies for reducing stress, and creating nurturing and compassionate habits for each week will jumpstart your new plan. Required: A willingness to be compassionate with self and others while implementing new self-care strategies.
CEUs are available
Required Texts: The Write Way to Wellness: A Workbook for Healing and Change with companion CD by Kathleen Adams, available in our BOOKSTORE.

PD525 – Writing Through Transitions for Facilitators
Instructor – Leia Francisco
This popular class returns with new material to prepare facilitators to lead transitions writing work with groups or individuals. The class is open to experienced facilitators as well new facilitators. Explore both personal transitions and facilitation strategies based on a clear model of transitions, along the special challenges of multiple transitions, career transitions, and “non-event” transitions. The class covers the typical interests and questions of people in transition as well as writing strategies that clarify individual transitions. Complete the class with a good idea of your facilitation strengths and the various populations that can benefit from the material. You will also receive a free copy of the Facilitation Guide for the book, which you can adapt to your needs.
CEUs are NOT available
Required Text: ALL NEW Writing Through Transitions: A Guide for Transforming Life Changes by Leia Francisco is available as an ebook in the Amazon.com Kindle Store. For this class, you will need to order the workbook from the author at www.leiafrancisco.com. It is recommended that if you want to lead your own transitions writing workshop, that you purchase both the book and workbook.

TW534.2 – Visual Journaling: Beyond Words
Instructor – Susan deWardt
Explore the potential of color and visual imagery as alternatives to language. This class integrates art and contemporary journal practice, providing an intensive individualized experience in using art for self-expression and for group process. By the end of the course, participants will be able to create visual journal pages, apply art techniques to a regular journal practice, understand and resolve fears related to personal creativity & use metaphor and symbol for self-expression.
CEUs are NOT available
Required Text: None

TW596 – Writing as Mindfulness Practice
Instructor – Deborah Ross
Join us at the intersection of eastern spiritual traditions and modern neuroscience as we practice Mindfulness with our pen and journal. Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention that invites greater well-being through grounding, centering and stabilizing. It is the superhighway to the installation of neural pathways for our well-being. If you don’t have a mindfulness practice, this course will help you develop one that uses writing as the primary modality. If you already have a mindfulness practice, this course will add dimensions and depth to your results.
CEUs are available
Required Text: How to Train A Wild Elephant and Other Adventures in Mindfulness by Jan Chozen Bays available at Amazon.com

TW514 – Expressive Writing: Foundations of Practice
Instructor – Linda Barnes
The inaugural book in Kay Adams’ ten-volume expressive writing series articulates nine approaches to therapeutic writing that each represent the foundations of standards-based practice in the field. This visionary yet entirely pragmatic work offers perspectives and voices of eight master teachers on using therapeutic writing for developing emotional intelligence, assimilating and integrating acquired wisdom, and actualizing potential–key components for healing, growth, and change.
CEUs Available
Required text:
Expressive Writing, Foundations of Practice, Kathleen Adams, Editor. Rowman & Littlefield (order from the publisher using discount code RLEGEN16 for 20% off, 800-462-6420).

TW594 – Embracing Your Signature Strengths
Instructors:  Nancy Scherlong and Edwina Cowdery

Grab your journal and come on a journey with us!  Knowing our character strengths can improve well-being, relationships and zest for life.  Through selected readings, poems and writing prompts, we will identify and explore our top strengths and virtues (no prior knowledge is needed and an assessment will point you toward yours). You may wish to complete the VIA survey at www.viacharacter.org before our class begins, or during our first week.
This work is grounded in the new science of positive psychology.  No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. We will all gain a rich understanding of how these strengths can enrich both our professional and personal lives.
CEUs Available.
Required text:  Character Strengths Matter:  How to Live a Full Life (2015) by Shannon Polly and Kathryn H. Britton (authors and editors). Available on Amazon for $18.95 or Kindle for $9.10.

Writing & Living Whole-heartedly
Instructor – Linda Cooper
4-week Class (September 22 – October 9)
Price – $180.00
How do we live a whole-hearted life? With courage, compassion and connection, with a sense of belonging and worthiness, and with love. Let’s grab our journals and write through to the heart of the matter, where we can have an honest conversation to discover and embrace our wonderful, imperfect selves, and to discover any blocks we may have to living fully. Through selected readings, journal prompts and discussion, let’s explore how writing enhances our journey toward living a whole-hearted life.
CEUs are NOT available
Required Text: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. Available at Amazon.com.

Writing Your Future: Should You Write a Book to Build Your Business?
Instructor – Nancy Evans

4-week Class (October 20 – November 16)
Price – $180.00
How are you using life-based writing in the world? Are you working with a unique population? Have you piloted a new method? Chances are you already have begun developing materials that the world needs. In this course, through journaling assignments and other homework, you will explore whether or not writing a book would be a powerful addition to your professional practice.
CEUs are NOT available.
Required Text: None


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