Upcoming Winter 2013 Term: January 17 – March 13, 2013

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All courses carry 16 hours of NBCC-approved continuing education.
Classes limited to 12

TW511Progoff CLOSED

TW544 – The Thirsty Well CLOSED

TW547 – Clearing Clutter CLOSED

TW542 – Quilt of Words CLOSED

TW549 – Playing with Words 2 CLOSED

PA503 – Group Process I CLOSED

PD553 – Curriculum Design CLOSED

PD554 – Marketing I CLOSED


TW511 – Progoff Internal Journal Method    CLOSED
Instructor: Rae Hight
The work of Dr. Ira Progoff is foundational for anyone studying the theory and practice of therapeutic writing.  The Intensive Journal method is considered by many to be one of the greatest and most enduring personal growth tools available today. In this depth class you’ll explore, through guided book discussion and the creation of your own Progoff journal, the writing processes and techniques that comprise the basic Intensive Journal method. Topics studied include Period Log, Daily Log, Dialogue Dimension and Life/Time Dimension.
Required Text: At a Journal Workshop (1992, Tarcher Edition), Ira Progoff, (available at Amazon.com new $12.89, used text also available)


TW544 – The Thirsty Well: Writing to Access the Deep Creative  CLOSED

Instructor: Cyncie Winter
The Thirsty Well lies within all of us. It is the part of our spirit that longs for the life-empowering draught of creativity, the part whose thirst may have remained unquenched as a result of the demands of our jobs, the voices of our inner gargoyles, or the noisy clattering of a creativity-stifling culture. The power of the pen provides an unlimited opportunity to give voice to our rich creative resources. This is a course in learning how to access our deep well of internal wisdom, to encourage our natural, vibrant creativity to emerge as a life practice. Come quench your thirst and nurture the Well of your creative potential.
Required Text: Internet sources only; announced at first class


TW547 – Clearing Clutter for the New Year CLOSED

Instructor: Carolyn Koehnline
2013 is coming. Time to make a fresh start. But it’s hard to move forward well when you are weighed down with unfinished business. Clutter is the excess baggage in your home, head, heart and schedule that drains your energy and gets in your way. It can be overwhelming and uncomfortable to confront, but weeding it out can lighten your load and clarify your direction. In this class you’ll practice and personalize a flexible, clutter-clearing/space-creating strategy to help you make room for what is emerging. You’ll also learn ways to invite your journal to be a compassionate, creative companion to this process, now and at future transition points.
Required Text: Confronting Your Clutter by Carolyn Koehnline


TW542 – A Quilt of Words: Gathering Our Memory Scraps CLOSED
Instructor: Joannah Merriman
“My grandmother arrived in America alone when she was fourteen…” “Every day I hid in the woods, hoping someone would find me…” “Summers spent at the lake made for a magical childhood…” “I never did know who my father was…” If you had the opportunity to tell five stories from your life, what would they be? In this short workshop we will excavate a multitude of memory scraps, choose the most vivid, most haunting, or most fun, and scribble a few scenes that start us on our memoir path. You do not need to be a “real writer.” We all have rich stories to tell!
Required Text: Fearless Confessions by Sue Silverman and Thinking About Memoir by Abigail Thomas. Both are available new and used from Amazon.com.


TW549 – Playing with Words: Round 2   CLOSED
Instructor: Susan de Wardt
Eight all-new facilitated writing lessons to fuel your creativity and inspire self-expression. These exercises are perfect for self-exploration and personal growth or easily adapted to create unique facilitation plans for developmental group work. Guaranteed to exercise your writing muscles!
Required Text: None


PA503 – Group Process I   CLOSED
Instructor: Kate Thompson
Therapeutic writing is often best achieved in groups, yet few practitioners have specifically developed skills in group facilitation. Using the quintessential book in the field of group process, Irvin Yalom’s Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, this class serves as a first course for developmental practitioners and a review for licensed clinicians or credentialed coaches. You’ll develop the confidence and theoretical competence to responsibly facilitate groups for healing and change.
Required Text:Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, Fifth Edition., by Irvin Yalom (Hardcover new and used available at Amazon.com from $28). Be sure to get 5th Ed., preferably unmarked.)


PD553 – Curriculum Design    CLOSED
Instructor: Kay Adams
You’ll first learn the four stages of therapeutic writing groups, then an easy, effective method for creating an “arc” of sessions designed for any audience or theme you choose. The end product? A 6-8 week curriculum of your own design for a therapeutic writing workshop/class. This is a laboratory-style class where interactive learning includes offering critique and feedback on other students’ work, and receiving critique/feedback on your own work. Required for CJF.
Required Text: None. Internet reading only.


PD554 -Marketing I   CLOSED
Instructor: Mary Reynolds Thompson
The vast majority of “solo-preneurs” in the therapeutic writing professions have had little, if any, training in how to market themselves and their work. Our resident guru, a former marketer for Harrods of London, breaks it down and makes it manageable and — dare we say it? — even fun! This class is best taken when you are ready to actualize steps toward a for-profit business venture leading workshops, teaching classes, offering sessions, etc.
Required Text: E-Book: Pitch Perfect Marketing by Mary Reynolds-Thompson, available at