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Welcome to the Therapeutic Writing Institute! We are happy that you have joined us. We have compiled a few key pieces of information for you before classes start. Please take the time to read through how to log in to InvisionZone, view the Orientation Videos, read through our Policies and Procedures (which include our Drop/Add policy), and request any forms or transcripts that you may need. Questions? email Linda

Orientation Videos
Orientation Audio
Text Orientation
Policies and Procedures
Forms and Transcript Requests

InvisionZone – TWI’s Learning Platform

Log In to InvisionZone

Site: (please bookmark this site)
Log On: Your Name (Jane Doe)
Password: firstl (janed)

If you find that you cannot log on using your name and password, please email Linda and we will work to solve the issue.

Orientation Videos for InvisionZone

Orientation Videos for InvisionZone

We have a series of orientation videos if you are not familiar with InvisionZone, our learning platform. There are 7 videos in the series covering all basic functions of the boards. Please take the time to review them before classes begin. All 7 videos total 48 minutes.

New Students, you are required to acknowledge completion of the orientation via posting in the Student Center / Ground Rules area online after you have viewed the Ground Rules and Policies video.

Returning Students, you may view these videos as a refresher if you wish. It is not required, but might be helpful if you haven’t been with us in a while.

Orientation Audio for InvisionZone

Orientation Audio

For those that prefer Audio Tutorials, click on the link above to be taken to the InvisionZone thread containing the audio tutorials. Note: Log-In to InvisionZone is required to listen to the audios.

Text Orientation for InvisionZone

We are currently working on putting together text tutorials. Please check back soon.

If you have any questions or problems with the videos, audio, logging in, or any other questions, please let me know via email or telephone at 888-421-2298.

We would also very much appreciate your feedback on the new student orientation videos. I will be re-recording these videos for Fall and would appreciate any suggestions that you may have. Did you receive sufficient information? Were there areas that could have been more clear? Do you have suggestions for improvement?

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Please review all Policies and Procedures. All new students are required to acknowledge receipt of these polices via the InvisionZone classroom labeled Journal Cafe – Student Center – Ground Rules before classes begin.

If there are any questions, email Linda

Forms and Other Requests (transcripts)

Forms and Other Requests (including Transcripts)

Click on the link above for applications for CJF and ICT.

If you need CEU’s for prior work, transcripts, or syllabi for documentation, please email Linda to request those be sent to you. Please make sure to be as detailed as possible (including terms and class names) as many requests are received each day.