Summer Terms 2017:

Summer Term 1: June 1 – June 28
Summer Term 2: July 27 – August 23

Please note: All Summer Classes are 4 weeks long

All classes are delivered online, and cost $190.00 plus a $12 tech fee. Classes eligible for CEUs offer 8 hours of continuing education for counselors upon verification of satisfactory course completion and submission of course evaluation. See below for CE details.

MORE ON CEUs: The Center for Journal Therapy is an Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for programs that meet NBCC requirements. Programs for which NBCC-approved clock hours will be awarded are identified with an asterisk (*). These courses are taught by licensed or licensure-prepared mental health professionals. The ACEP is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. Participants are responsible for checking with their state’s licensing board for their discipline to ensure that National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) continuing education is accepted.


* S117Barnes – Staycation Poetry – Linda Barnes
* S117Scherlong – Create a Daily Practice for Happiness & Joy – Nancy Scherlong
* S117Pace – Writing and Intuition – Jane Pace


* S217Koehnline – Clearing Space to Write – Carolyn Koehnline
S217Hudson – Capturing Your Family Stories – Brenda Hudson
* S217Hight – Writing the Labyrinth – Rae Hight
* S217Barnes – Wanderlust Poems – Linda Barnes
* S217Winter – The Muse is In – Cyncie Winter


S117Barnes – Staycation Poetry
Instructor – Linda Barnes

Let’s share poetry about the pleasures of spending summer at home! Whether you garden, got to Little League games, have visiting friends or grandchildren, the joy of not traveling holds many treasured moments. Read and write poetry celebrating the contentment of staying home. No prior experience needed.
CEUs available
Required Text:  None

S117Scherlong – Create a Daily Practice for Happiness & Joy!
Instructor – Nancy Scherlong
Would you like more peace, more relaxation? Is your life sometimes over-busy and it’s hard to fit in routines that nurture you? Grab your journal and join us this summer! Together we will journey through Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh’s spiritual sourcebook, Happiness. Most of our memories of joyfulness involve a sensory awareness and feeling fully present. Through selected readings, poems and journal prompts, we will identify practices that help us “stay” in the moment with our experiences. We will create both individual and community rituals for expansion into vitality that feed our mind, body, soul and relationships.
CEUs available
Required Text:  Happiness: Essential Mindfulness Practices by Thich Nhat Hanh and available through Amazon

S117Pace – Writing and Intuition
Instructor – Jane Pace
This course will explore the nature of intuition, the various ways we receive it, our personal experiences with intuition and the obstacles that prevent us from listening to or (even more importantly) acting upon our intuitive knowing. Come play with an open mindset and beginner’s mind. Through directed writing prompts and techniques, lectures, and discussions you will learn your unique ways of receiving intuitive wisdom, create a positive mental mindset and acknowledge the guidance that is being given to you. You will begin to keep an intuition journal, and practice affirming the intuitive knowing so you are feeling aligned with your internal spirit.
CEUs available
Required Text: The Intuitive Way by Penney Peirce available on

SUMMER 2 CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (July 27 – August 23):

S217Koehnline – Clearing Space to Write
Instructor – Carolyn Koehnline

Writing requires a dedicated space, time, and focus, which can be easily taken over by clutter – the piles of paper covering your desk, a jam-packed calendar, or a head filled with too many ideas competing for your attention. In this workshop, designed especially for writers, you’ll practice applying brief, time-tested journaling processes to identify and clear distractions from your writing life. You’ll also learn ways to use journal writing to support clearing clutter from the rest of your life. Instructor Carolyn Koehnline is a Certified Journal Therapist with over two decades of experience helping people clear clutter to make room for what matters.
CEUs available
Required TextConfronting Clutter by Carolyn Koehnline available at

S217Hudson – Capturing Your Family Stories
Instructor – Brenda Hudson

Create a written legacy of your life! Have you always wanted to document your life stories for future generations, but have never gotten around to it, or known where to begin? Perhaps you have started, but are stuck or overwhelmed. Maybe you want to pen your stories just for yourself, without any intention of sharing. If any of these scenarios ring true, this class is for you. Over 4-weeks, you will examine your past and construct written vignettes or “captured moments” of your life. You will look for themes in your life, as well as your values and beliefs, as a way to organize your work. The main focus of this class is to provide practical and creative ways to help you write, through effective journaling techniques. At the end of class, you will have a collection of stories and the know-how to continue your legacy writing, if desired.
CEUs NOT available
Required Text:  None

S217Hight – Writing the Labyrinth
Instructor – Rae Hight

WLabyrinths and journals are natural companions. The meditative quality of walking a labyrinth welcomes, reflects and enhances our inner journey. Writing the Labyrinth offers a two-fold exploration of this ancient process: journaling options before, during and after walking the pathway, along with historical facts about labyrinths. Through the use of art work and writing, students will participate in a metaphorical journey as they travel pathways that can become inspiration for internal understanding and self-empowerment. (*Note: We will discuss the various ways labyrinths can be located and walked, including the use of paper, wooden and/or pewter templates for “finger” walking.)
CEUs available
Required TextWay of the Winding Path: A Map for the Labyrinth of Life by Eve Eschner Hogan, available through

S217Barnes – Wanderlust Poems
Instructor – Linda Barnes

We’ll share reading and writing poems about the surprises of travel. Delayed flights? Long lines at Disneyland or the Louvre? Wonderful new tastes and sounds? Foreign road signs? Whether your journey is far afield or over inner landscapes, travel generates lush material for poetry. No prior experience needed.
CEUs available
Required Text:  None

S217Winter – The Muse Is In
Instructor – Cyncie Winter

In this exciting course, we will explore Jill Badonsky’s delightful book, The Muse Is In. Fun, gorgeously illustrated, and packed to the brim with tips and information about how to spice up your creative life, Jill’s voice is unique inthe world of books on creativity–wry, whimsical, clever, and grounded in solid directives to keep you going on the proper path. Together, we will investigate her tools and techniques through writing, as we develop individual creative projects.
CEUs available
Required TextThe Muse is In: An Owners Manual to Your Creativity by Jill Badonsky, available through

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