Summer Terms 2018:

Summer Term 1: June 21 – July 18
Summer Term 2: August 2 – August 29

Please note: All Summer Classes are 4 weeks long

All classes are delivered online, and cost $190.00 plus a $12 tech fee. Classes eligible for CEUs offer 8 hours of continuing education for counselors upon verification of satisfactory course completion and submission of course evaluation. See below for CE details.

MORE ON CEUs: The Center for Journal Therapy is an Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for programs that meet NBCC requirements. Programs for which NBCC-approved clock hours will be awarded are identified with an asterisk (*). These courses are taught by licensed or licensure-prepared mental health professionals. The ACEP is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. Participants are responsible for checking with their state’s licensing board for their discipline to ensure that National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) continuing education is accepted.


* Create a Daily Practice for Happiness & Joy – Nancy Scherlong, CJT
* Clearing Space to Write – Carolyn Koehnline, CJT
Story is Your Medicine – Barbara Stahura, CJF
Accessing the Great Work of Your Life – Linda Cooper, CJF
* Big Magic: Living Beyond Fear – Cyncie Winter, CJT


* Vision & Manifestation – Kathleen Adams, Founder/Director
The Princess and Healer Hiding in my Journal – Hanna Merin, CJF
* Vacationing with Mary Oliver – Linda Barnes
* Midsummers Dream Work – Susan Hendricks, CJT
Using the Full Moon for Creative Inspiration – Tina Games, CJF


S118Scherlong – Create a Daily Practice for Happiness & Joy
Instructor – Nancy Scherlong, CJT

Would you like more peace, more relaxation? Is your life sometimes over-busy and it’s hard to fit in routines that nurture you? Grab your journal and join us this summer! Together we will journey through Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh’s spiritual sourcebook, Happiness. Most of our memories of joyfulness involve a sensory awareness and feeling fully present. Through selected readings, poems and journal prompts, we will identify practices that help us “stay” in the moment with our experiences. We will create both individual and community rituals for expansion into vitality that feed our mind, body, soul and relationships.
CEUs Available.
Required Text:  Happiness: Essential Mindfulness Practices by Thich Nhat Hanh

S118Koehnline – Clearing Space to Write
Instructor: Carolyn Koehnline, CJT

Writing requires a dedicated space, time, and focus, which can be easily taken over by clutter – the piles of paper covering your desk, a jam-packed calendar, or a head filled with too many ideas competing for your attention. In this workshop, designed especially for writers, you’ll practice applying brief, time-tested journaling processes to identify and clear distractions from your writing life. You’ll also learn ways to use journal writing to support clearing clutter from the rest of your life. Instructor Carolyn Koehnline is a Certified Journal Therapist with over two decades of experience helping people clear clutter to make room for what matters. CEUs available.
Required Text: Confronting Clutter by Carolyn Koehnline available at

S118Stahura – Story is Your Medicine
Instructor – Barbara Stahura, CJF
Our lives are stories composed of the millions of experiences, sensations, thoughts, and feelings we began gathering even before birth. We live that story as it shapes our sense of self and becomes the “I” we know so well. Our story changes over our lifetime, caused by any number of things from the monumental to the minute (however we define them). So if we are to move forward and thrive once again, we must find ways to adapt and re-envision our story over time. Fortunately, story is also the medicine we can use to create it. In this class, we’ll experience the ways in which journaling can help us envision and birth our new story by exploring what story really is, some basic neuroscience, obstacles to change, and creating a new story.
CEUs NOT available.
Required text: None

S118Cooper – Accessing the Great Work of Your Life
Instructor – Linda Cooper, CJF

Have you ever felt a sense of restlessness, feeling lost, as if you are not living the life you were meant to live?  Do you have a feeling of discontent, or an inner prompting that is nudging you towards making a change in your life, but you are not sure what your next step is? In the ancient Yogic tradition, it is believed that there exists an inner possibility within every human soul and that each person has their own unique Dharma (meaning vocation, calling, path, truth). Let’s explore together, through selected readings, writing exercises and conversation, how to access our own deepest truth, to discover our own Dharma which will lead us to the Great Work of our Lives. CEUs NOT available
Required TextThe Great Work of Your Life – A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling by Stephen Cope available at

S118Winter – Big Magic: Living Beyond Fear
Instructor: Cyncie Winter, CJT

In her newest inspiring book, Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray, Love) explores the world of our creative expression. Through informed, wise and empathetic perspective, she invites us to face the fears and the challenges that would undermine our creativity. Through her guidance, we will use the writing process to explore, embrace, and strengthen attitudes and habits that nurture “creative living beyond fear”. CEUs available.
Required Text: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

SUMMER 2 CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (August 2 – August 29):

S218Adams – Vision & Manifestation
Instructor: Kathleen Adams, Founder/Director

What if you could create more of what you really want through the power of conscious thought and purposeful action? Learn the core theory and practice of a simple yet profound method for manifesting concrete results in your life. You’ll learn a set of steps and procedures to bring your vision into form. Each participant will choose a practice vision that can be attained in four weeks–and then we’ll all witness results rolling in! Ever wonder how Kay gets everything done? This method has been her ongoing practice for more than 30 years.
CEUs Available
Required Text: None

S218Merin – The Princess and Healer Hiding in my Journal
Instructor: Hanna Merin, CJF
Let’s spend some time this summer playing and diving into the wonderland of “there and then” folktales and narratives. We will spend four weeks exploring the king’s court and the healer caves, only to discover that we are the kings….the princesses….the clever maidens….the healers. And best of all, it’s all being written and told in our own journals.
CEUs NOT available.
Required Text: None

S218Barnes – Vacationing with Mary Oliver
Instructor: Linda Barnes

We invite you to while away the summer hours with the words of acclaimed poet Mary Oliver. Use her scenes, images and ideas to jump start our own poetic expression in your journal. No prior experience needed.
CEUs Available.
Required Text: New and Selected Poems, Volume I by Mary Oliver

S218Hendricks – Midsummers Dream Work
Instructor – Susan Hendricks, CJT
Welcome the familiar stranger who lives in your sleep. Open to new possibilities or maybe even tame a dragon with Muse as guide to lead the way. In this class, we will use a variety of expressive arts and journaling techniques created especially for dream work. Journaling and sharing your dreams and insights can deepen your understanding of past, present and future. The practice may also ignite your intuition and enliven your authentic life.
CEUs Available
Required Text: None

S218Games – Using the Full Moon for Creative Inspiration
Instructor – Tina Games, CJF
For many centuries, the full moon has inspired thousands of beautiful stories, songs, dances, paintings and poems. Through its fullness and light, it has served as a muse in a variety of ways. Using the metaphor of a full moon, this four-week class will include journaling prompts, creative exercises, and guided visualizations designed to help you connect with the wisdom of a full moon phase as you tap into the energy of summer full moons and explore the creative work of others who have been inspired by our lunar goddess. We’ll be creating a beautiful and sacred space that will illuminate your creative process, allowing new ideas to bubble to the surface.
CEUs NOT available.
Required Text: None


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