The popularity and awareness of journal writing as a self-help tool has never been higher.  Nearly every self-help author, health and wellness program, recovery method, spiritual practice and management expert recommends journal writing as a primary path to self-understanding.

Training as a Certified Journal Facilitator could put you right on the cutting edge of this trend.  There are opportunities in every community to teach journal writing classes and lead therapeutic writing groups – in churches, libraries, rec centers, universities and colleges, adult education programs, clinics, corporations, employee assistance programs, psychotherapy and coaching practices, hospitals… even living rooms!

You’ll learn to responsibly and ethically facilitate therapeutic writing groups in your own community. The CJF is a comprehensive program of core theory, professional development, psychological awareness and supervised practice, taught in 8-week quarters. All learning takes place online, in an asynchronous (24/7) learning platform. You’ll study with a community of caring, supportive peers where everyone is both teacher and student.

If you want to make a meaningful contribution to the world around you, the practical, visionary CJF program may be exactly what you’re seeking. It’s a perfect program for those who want to supplement income, create a retirement or replacement career, or add another skill set to an already established coaching, spiritual direction or wellness practice.

See the complete CJF training requirements as a PDFdownload here.

To apply:

1.       Download and complete the current CJF Application. Return it to us by email.

2.       Call and schedule a phone interview with Kay Adams.  Bring your questions!

3.       Letters of reference, transcripts, etc. can wait until after the phone interview, when notification on acceptance is given.

Are you a licensed psychotherapist?

If you hold Masters-level or higher clinical licensure in your own state or the equivalent in your own country, you are eligible for the Certified Journal Therapist credential.

If you want structured learning but do not desire an additional credential, consider the Certificate of Advanced Study in Therapeutic Writing.