We welcome all who wish to take classes for personal/professional development. We do ask, however, that you bring your own best practice and agree to:

  • honor the ground rules and learning agreements of the TWInstitute
  • be a participating member of a serious educational community for the full 8 weeks of the term (subject to exceptions should urgent needs arise)
  • schedule necessary time each week (average 3-4 hours/week/class) to participate in reading, writing and online discussion, as assigned
  • pay tuition ($360/class for non-trainees) in full at registration

Should certification training be sought at a later time, all classes successfully completed will transfer. Successful completion includes submitting the course evaluation within the time limit given. No courses can be transferred that are not documented with a student-submitted course evaluation and a faculty-submitted grade for the course. (All faculty are asked to grade all students in case later transfer is requested.)

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.