The Journal to the Self® Instructor Certification Training is required as part of the Certified Journal Therapist (CJT) credential.  The ICT must be taken in the first year of the training. Unless you have circumstances that prevent you from traveling, we ask that all CJT trainees attend one of our live ICT intensives, held twice a year in Denver.

You’ll leave the Intensive fully certified, with a generous amount of learning under your belt and a big dose of confidence, purpose and motivation. You’ll be fully grounded in the philosophy and core values of the Center for Journal Therapy and the Therapeutic Writing Institute. You’ll have a deeper, richer understanding of the power of this work in actual practice. You’ll have an all-day practice teaching experience, and you’ll leave with a marketing plan on how you’ll earn back all of your tuition for the ICT in the first six months after you begin teaching. (Most new instructors do it much more quickly than that — usually the second time they teach the class.)

The Intensive is a 5-day event, Mon eve-Fri afternoon, offered once or twice each year in Denver. Intensives fill quickly. Although priority is given to TWI students, early registration is recommended.

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