Upcoming Fall 2012 Term: September 27 – November 21, 2012

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All courses carry 16 hours of NBCC-approved continuing education.
Classes limited to 12

Writing and HealingNOT AVAILABLE
Sensing the Spirit in NatureFILLED &Y CLOSED
Fearless CreatingFILLED & CLOSED
The Power of MemoirCLOSED
Word Arts CollageFILLED & CLOSED
Therapeutic Journal Writing in Professional Practice & Self-CareFILLED & CLOSED
Basic Facilitation SkillsFILLED & CLOSED


TW513 – Adams Method – FILLED & WAIT-LISTED
Instructor: Rae Hight
Kathleen Adams is considered a primary theorist in the field of journal therapy, along with Ira Progoff and James W. Pennebaker. You’ll read, discuss and write from two of her books: The Way of the Journal and Scribing the Soul.
Required Texts: The two listed above, all available from HERE


TW546 – Sensing the Spirit in Nature: A Writing Workshop – LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE

Instructor: Lizabeth Smith
Using all five physical senses as well as intuition, participants of this workshop will explore ways and times of meeting the Spirit in Nature. This is an experiential class, so plan to spend time out of doors each week. The course also includes discussion and reflection on poetry and other writings by those who have experienced meeting the Spirit, however defined, in a natural setting.
Required Text: None


TW543 – Fearless Creating: Writing to Address the Stages and Anxieties of the Creative Process – FILLED & WAIT-LISTED

Instructor: Cyncie Winter
This course explores tools that can encourage, enrich, and sustain creativity in our lives. We will investigate various stages of the creative process, the natural anxieties that accompany those stages, and ways to manage the things that would impede us from being creative. How do we feed our creative desire? Create in the midst of our busy lives and establish an ongoing creative practice? Summon up our courage to create, despite our doubts and judgments? Roll up your sleeves and prepare yourselves to experience and nurture your creative spirit!
Required Text: Fearless Creating, by Eric Maisel; (available at Amazon.com – new $13.34. Used text also available.)
Recommended Text: Journal to the Self, by Kathleen Adams, available HERE


TW523.1 – The Power of MemoirSPACE AVAILABLE
Instructor: Linda Joy Myers
You’ll learn an 8-step plan to create your own memoir, experiment with writing exercises that will demonstrate how writing your truth and shaping your narrative can propel you toward life-changing discoveries, and learn lots of tips, techniques and tools for your own personal or group work.
Required Texts:The Power of Memoir: How to Write Your Healing Story, by Linda Joy Myers; (available at Amazon.com new $12.28, used text also available).


TW524.1 – Word Arts CollageFILLED & WAIT-LISTED
Instructor: Peggy Osna Heller
This class offers a wide array of “wordscapes” — creative processes devised to evoke poetic response and enhance communication within individuals and among people in therapy groups and classrooms. You’ll also learn a five-stage theoretical model of poetry therapy. You’ll receive momentum for new creative adventures, inspiration for the uses of “word arts” in everyday life, a deepened appreciation for the role of metaphor in poetry and living, and a solid foundation in core theory from a master teacher in the field.
Required Text:Word Arts Collage: A Poetry Therapy Memoir, by Peggy Osna Heller (2009, Pudding House). Order HERE


PD586 – Therapeutic Journal Writing in Professional Practice & Self-CareFILLED & WAIT-LISTED
Instructor: Kate Thompson
Journal writing provides a unique therapeutic opportunity for facilitating healing, growth and understanding and can be used in conjunction with other interventions or as a standalone modality. It can also become a significant part of practitioner self-care, self-supervision and reflective practice.
This course guides you through the stages and applications of journal writing as a therapeutic tool in professional practice. It is suitable for people working in both clinical (counselors, social workers, therapists, nurses, doctors) and non-clinical (coaches, teachers, creative writing facilitators)professions. By sharing experiences and ideas we will work towards a model of best practice to take the work back into the world.
Required Text: Therapeutic Journal Writing – An Introduction for Professionals by Kate Thompson;
(available at Amazon.com, new $26.95, used text also available.)


PA502 – Basic Facilitation SkillsSPACE AVAILABLE
Instructor: Linda Barnes
This course teaches basic facilitation skills, but it’s more than just skill-building. It also delves into the philosophy of facilitation, including the orientation of service, when and how a facilitator utilizes her/his own self in process work, the role of supervision and the use of the journal in self- or peer-supervision, and numerous tips of the trade from a seasoned practitioner. Guest appearances by Kay Adams, offering on-line facilitation skills. Limited to CJF trainees, unless prior permission of instructor is granted.
Required Texts:Becoming Naturally Therapeutic: A Return to the True Essense of Helping, by Jacquelyn Small. (available at Amazon.com, paperback new $12.45, used text also available), and The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients by Irving Yalom; (available at Amazon.com, new $10.97, used text also available).