About Kathleen Adams, Founder

A Personal Note from Kay

I’m Kay Adams, director of the Therapeutic Writing Institute and the Center for Journal Therapy. Since 1985 my businesses have stood for excellence and innovation in the field of therapeutic writing. We enjoy a superb reputation world-wide. I’m particularly known for my effectiveness as a trainer.

KAY_HEAD_SHOT-35_cropPart of that effectiveness is that I’m both visionary and pragmatic. I know that the best training and education must also be integrated with actual, practical knowledge on how to take it to the marketplace. I want you to earn as you learn. So I’ve included a strong business development component in the TWI curriculum. Students tell me that they’ve never had a human services professional training program that required classes like marketing, curriculum development and grant writing.

I’m also well-known for my giftedness in creating community. Group members and workshop participants frequently use words like safe, deep, authentic, connected, intimate, vulnerable, transformative to describe their experiences. On-line learners report feeling unexpected levels of “high-touch” connection, considering the “high-tech” context.

I also know a lot of really great people in this field. I’ve learned from them, I’ve taught with them, they’ve studied with me, we’ve shared books and stories and friendship and respect for a quarter-century.

The Therapeutic Writing Institute feels like a marvelous synthesis of all these years of pioneering work. We’re creating something here that is unlike anything in the field: An experience of grounded, visionary learning, and a comprehensive, curriculum-based online credentials training program  that covers core theory, ethical practice, professional development and supervised practice. All brought to you by a world-class faculty who literally write the books!

I think it’s the best work I’ve ever done.  I hope you’ll want to join us.

PS Special thanks to core faculty and key advisors who believed in the concept of an online therapeutic writing training institute from the earliest stages: Leia Francisco, Robb Jackson, Peggy Heller, Dana Reynolds, Kate Thompson, Mary Reynolds Thompson, Mary Maynard, Janice Putrino. You are my wisdom council.  Also special thanks to Linda Hendrick, business manager and Krista Gano-Upton, program director, who embody excellence, integrity and generosity, and whose capacities to translate creativity into structure and accountability are unsurpassed.

Professional Profile

Kathleen (Kay) Adams is one of the most prominent and established voices in the field of therapeutic writing. She is an author, psychotherapist, registered poetry/journal therapist (PTR) and master mentor/supervisor (MM/S) whose gift and life mission is sharing the power of writing with all who desire self-directed change. Kay is the author of six books on the power of writing, including the best-selling Journal to the Self.

In 1985, at the beginning of her graduate training, Kay taught her first journal workshop. Three years later, at graduation, she founded the Center for Journal Therapy. It has grown into an international training and consulting company offering workshops, on-line classes, certification training, retreats, intensives and individual consultations on the use of writing in therapy, health and wellness, coaching, and spiritual direction. She has worked as a journal therapist in private practice, in-patient, and intensive out-patient psychiatric programs. With her co-creator and teaching partner Joy Sawyer LPC, Kay teaches a Writing & Healing graduate curriculum at the University of Denver.

Kay holds an undergraduate degree in journalism from Colorado State University (1972) and a Master’s degree in psychology and counseling from Boulder Graduate School (1988). She has been a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in Colorado since 1994.