The Therapeutic Writing Institute is the professional training division of the Center for Journal Therapy, Inc.

TWI was created by Kathleen (Kay) Adams in 2007 as a comprehensive, turn-key distance-learning training institute for facilitators of therapeutic writing. After a rigorous course of study that interweaves core theory, professional development, and supervised practice, trainees complete a capstone project and apply for credentials as a Certified Journal Facilitator (or, for licensed psychotherapists, Certified Journal Therapist).

A first pilot phase, based on a cohort model with coursework limited to those committed to training, was completed between Apr 2008- Aug 2009. Starting with the Fall 2009 term, classes were made available to those who wished to study according to their own interests. Course offerings substantially expanded in scope, number, and accessibility. This second pilot phase was completed in December 2010.

Three 8-week terms (fall, winter, spring) and two 4-week terms (summer) each offer an expansive variety of classes, taught by a combination of core and adjunct faculty. Coursework includes:

  • Core theory
  • Experiential practice in many genres of therapeutic writing: Journals, memoir, poetry, visual journaling
  • Professional development
  • Psychological awareness
  • Supervised practicum

All courses are offered on-line in a learning platform that is easy to learn and master. Unlike training programs structured for guided independent study, the Therapeutic Writing Institute is a curriculum-based program with actual classes held in asynchronous (24/7) time, with textbooks, expert instructors, class discussions, homework, and the opportunity for both didactic learning and experiential process.