Upcoming Winter 2018 Term:
January 18 – March 14, 2018

All classes are delivered online, and cost $360 (special event prices are noted). CJF/CJT/CAS trainees receive the discounted price of $310. Classes eligible for CEUs offer 16 hours of continuing education for counselors upon verification of satisfactory course completion and submission of course evaluation. See below for CE details.

MORE ON CEUs: The Center for Journal Therapy is an Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for programs that meet NBCC requirements. Programs for which NBCC-approved clock hours will be awarded are identified with an asterisk (*). These courses are taught by licensed or licensure-prepared mental health professionals. The ACEP is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. Participants are responsible for checking with their state’s licensing board for their discipline to ensure that National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) continuing education is accepted.

Classes: (* = CEUs are available)
* PA503 – Group Process I – Kate Thompson
PD554 – Marketing I – Mary Reynolds Thompson
* TW511 – Progoff – Deborah Ross
* TW560 – Getting Unstuck: Start Your New Year Off Right! – Nancy Scherlong
* TW489 – Dream Work Express – Susan Hendricks
TW562 – A Living Breathing Story – Barbara Stahura
TW490 – Using the Moon as a Metaphor for Creative Process – Tina Games
* TW556 – Poetry’s Secret Power – Linda Barnes

Special Event:
* SEW18Rowe – Writing Through Grief: Another Country – Jean Rowe

PA503 – Group Process I
Instructor:  Kate Thompson, MA, CJT
Therapeutic writing is often best achieved in groups, yet few practitioners have specifically developed skills in group facilitation. Using the quintessential book in the field of group process, Irvin Yalom’s Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, this class serves as a first course for developmental practitioners and a review for licensed clinicians or credentialed coaches. You’ll develop the confidence and theoretical competence to responsibly facilitate groups for healing and change. Required for CJF.
CEUs are Available
Required Texts (2)Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, FIFTH EDITION, Irvin Yalom (available used on Amazon.com used books & other used sites. Be sure to get 5th Edition, preferably unmarked.)

PD554 – Marketing I
Instructor – Mary Reynolds Thompson
The vast majority of “solo-preneurs” in the therapeutic writing professions have had little, if any, training in how to market themselves and their work. Our resident guru, a former marketer for Harrods of London, breaks it down and makes it manageable and — dare we say it? — even fun! This class is best taken when you are ready to actualize steps toward a for-profit business venture leading workshops, teaching classes, offering sessions, etc. Required for CJF/CJT.
CEUS are NOT available
Required Texts:
Pitch Perfect Marketing by Mary Reynolds Thompson.

TW511 – Progoff
Instructor – Deborah Ross
The work of Dr. Ira Progoff is foundational for anyone studying the theory and practice of therapeutic writing. The Intensive Journal method is considered by many to be one of the greatest and most enduring personal growth tools available today. In this depth class you’ll explore, through guided book discussion and the creation of your own Progoff journal, the writing processes and techniques that comprise the basic Intensive Journal method. Topics studied include Period Log, Daily Log, Dialogue Dimension and Life/Time Dimension. Required for CJF/CJT.
CEUs are Available
Required Text: At a Journal Workshop (1992, Tarcher Edition) by Ira Progoff.
NOTE: This course is designed for trainees and facilitators who will benefit from understanding and using the Progoff method in their professional practice.

TW560 – Getting Unstuck: Start Your New Year Off Right!
Instructor – Nancy Scherlong
Are you being held back by old habits and fears – in your personal or professional life or both? Grab your journal and take this journey with us as we use the wise teaching of Pema Chodron in her book, “Taking the Leap”. Through selected readings, poems and journal prompts, we will identify and where we get “hooked” by self-blame, negativity or fear and cultivate open-heartedness, acceptance and the courage to “stay” with our experience.
CEUs are Available
Required Text: Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears by Pema Chodron

TW489 – Dream Work Express
Instructor: Susan Hendricks, CJT
In this class, we will use the spontaneity and variety of expressive arts techniques created especially for dream work. Don’t interpret or judge your dreams, but accommodate and cherish the contradictory messages you receive while asleep. Journaling and sharing your dreams and insights can deepen your understanding of your past, present and future. This practice may also ignite your intuition and enliven your search for a more authentic life.
CEUs are Available
Required Text:  
The Art of Dreaming: Tools for Creative Dream Work, by Jill Mellick.

TW562 – A Living Breathing Story – Journaling to Discover Your Empowered Self
Instructor: Barbara Stahura, CJF
Over your lifetime, you weave together innumerable threads to create the Living, Breathing Story that is the “I” you inhabit. Just as authors invent their characters’ reality with words on the page, you invent your experience of reality through the endless, intricate dance within your bodymind: What you make of your Story literally makes you. In this class, you’ll discover how your Story—who and what you believe yourself to be—determines how you experience life. And you will come to understand that whatever your Story today, you can re-create it any time to renew and empower yourself.
CEUS are NOT available
Required Text: None – Resources provided each week

TW490 – Using the Moon as a Metaphor for Creative Process
Instructor:  Tina Games, CJF
Is your head filled with so many ideas, you don’t know where to start? Does your vision feel out of focus, causing you to spin in circles? Are you overwhelmed with the possibilities for bringing your concept to completion? The moos serves as a beautiful metaphor, guiding you out of the darkness of overwhelm and ideaphoria – and into the light of clarity and possibility. By tapping into the wisdom of the moon phases – and through the art of journal writing, you’ll be gently guided through a process that leads to a bigger creative vision and into the steps that are needed to bring your project to fruition. This process can also be applied to a business idea, a book project, a workshop proposal – anything that requires a deeper, more contemplative and creative approach.
CEUS are NOT available
Required Text: None

TW556 – Poetry’s Secret Power
Instructor:  Linda Barnes, CJT
Punch up your poetry facilitation skills by studying powerful poems and practicing numerous writing exercises you can use with your students and clients or for your own poetry. This course will reveal the elements that constitute good poems and help you refine your ability to identify effective choices for your work. You’ll learn the art and craft of poetry and leave with abundant resources to encourage others to embrace poetry’s healing effects. TW Elective.
CEUS are Available
Required Text: In the Palm of Your Hand: The Poet’s Portable Workshop by Steve Kowit (available online for as little as $2!)

Writing Through Grief: Another Country
Instructor – Jean Rowe
4-week Class (January 18 – February 14)
Price – $190.00
Experiencing grief can feel like we are traveling in a foreign land. We are in a different zone; the food tastes different; our sleep clock is off. We don’t feel like ourselves. The faces of grief are strange but familiar. Losses we grieve can be literal or symbolic. Join us on a journey to explore what we know, what we think we know and what we can learn about, with, and through grief.
CEUs are Available
Required Text: Conquering the Mysteries and Lies of Grief by Sherry Russell (either edition)
NOTE: If you have experienced significant loss within the last 3 months, we gently ask that you not register for this class at this time


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